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How To Do One Year Of Bookkeeping In Less Than One Hour

...and stop wasting money paying interest and penalties to the IRS

  • Stop fighting with bookkeeping software that are created for bookkeeping and accounting professionals.

  • Stop scrambling at the tax deadline to get a year of bookkeeping done the weekend before the deadline and sometimes missing it anyway.

  • Finally know your numbers so you can stop guessing when making important financial decisions in your business.

Here's what 5 Minute Bookkeeper's clients are saying

What's Included:

  • Access to 5 Minute Bookkeeper for 1 year

  • Spreadsheets for 2023, 2024 & 2025

  • Access to community of accounting and tax professionals

  • IRS categories guide to help you categorize expenses to maximize tax savings

  • Simple How-To videos to show you how to organize your finances quickly

  • Money Dates/co-working sessions every Friday to stay on top of your finances

  • Superb customer service and one-on-one support at no additional cost

"5 Minute Bookkeeper literally saved my books and my financial views on how to deal with bookkeeping. When I also moved states and got a new accountant, 5 Minute Bookkeeper helped my new accountant figure out mistakes from my old accountant and we could easily refile our taxes for the past five years. I can say I'm a totally different person when I look at bookkeeping." - Sankeetha Selvarajah

"Everyone was talking about 5 Minute Bookkeeper and I saw the testimonials online and said this is something I need and I think this will take my business to the next level> My husband and I no longer argue at tax time because no everything is ready to go. 5 Minute Bookkeeper saved my marriage" - Kristin Carver-Smith

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To run a successful business you have to know your numbers, period. And that means you have to do bookkeeping.

5 Minute Bookkeeper is the easiest bookkeeping solution around right now. How lucky are you that you've found the best kept secret this side of the galaxy?

Say goodbye to that tax time scramble because now you're gonna have your numbers at your fingertips and a whole slew of accounting, tax and bookkeeping professionals in your back pocket with the 5 Minute Bookkeeper membership.

Hi! I'm Nicole Barham

Founder and CEO of Design Your Wealth and creator of 5 Minute Bookkeeper

A fast-growing multiple 6-figure business on it's way to 7 figures.

I've discovered the secret to building a financially successful business and here it is:

It's ALL in the finances!

Most of us weren’t taught how to run a business or manage finances, which has left us all guessing and fumbling our way through this entrepreneurship journey.

Even though I started my career in accounting, I felt powerless when it came to looking at my numbers and I would often ignore them. This led to some tough decisions since I started my first business 14 years ago, including filing bankruptcy.

But everything changed when I finally pulled my head out of the sand and started to run my business like my dream business. 

I transformed my sometimes (read: almost never) profitable business into a profitable multi-six-figure one in two (2) years.

5 Minute Bookkeeper changed my life and that of over 300 entrepreneurs like you to get on top of their finances and finally know their numbers.

Plus they're filing their taxes on time and avoiding IRS penalties and interest, some for the first time since they started their business.

"Thanks to you and your work I've been able to get right with my numbers [and] double my income. Thank you Nicole for helping me grow!" - Carmen Rosas, Entrepreneur & Estate Planning Attorney

"[5 Minute Bookkeeper] has brought so many levels of clarity and healing around my money story. Huge shifts in my confidence" - Melissa Russell, Entrepreneur & Myofascial Therapist

"I needed a simple system that doesn't take too much time, helps me know exactly where my money is going and know how much to save for future goals. Nicole meets you where you are without judgment and helps you change your money mindset to take back control of your finances" - Grachelle Sherburne. Psychotherapist and Business Coach

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